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SMS Statistics of the World

The use of mobile phones is increasing with the passage of time and most of people are investing in or joining the telecom companies. If we make a comparison of Short Messaging Service with the MMS and call services of all the networks, we come to know that sms got the highest revenue. The reason is a variety of packages that are inexpensive and easily accessible.
As per record for Feb, 2012, there were about 7.8 trillion data transferred through SMS and the text messaging traffic approached 9.6 trillion at that time. The most recent world statistics show that there was an expense of total $ 150 billion made on the messaging service in 2013. SMS is the foremost than all other services and kinds of communication because it is the easiest, fastest, most affordable and preferred service all over the world. It is expected to rise in the coming future. In May, 2011, almost 5.9 trillion messages per year were recorded. An upcoming relative estimate is that there will be a worldwide decrement in the use of SMS because of other sources of advanced communication up to 42.1 % till 2016.
Overall statistics of Pakistan as compared to the rest of the world are that with respect to the sms traffic ratio, Pakistan has been rated at 4th number in 2008-2009. Only on a single occasion of Eid, almost 763 million sms were sent in Pakistan. Another PTA record shows that SMS is the top source for conveying messages and exchanging communication.
According to an estimate of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) made recently in the month of Nov, 2013, there are more than 132,333,853 people who used cell phones and subscribed to the sms (Short Messaging Service). Pakistan’s major operators include Warid, Ufone, Mobilink, Zong and Telenor. These all contribute in providing the economical packages for Pakistanis in and out of the country. The record shows that there was an addition of almost 800,071 users in Nov, 2013 and 2 million in Oct, 2013.
Zong got the highest rating with above 1 million customers in a single month of October only. So, overall 73.5 % people use mobile phones all around the country. Mobilink contributed with 37.72 million users and got the highest ranking. Telenor stood 2nd having 33 million customers. Ufone remained 3rd with 25 million users. Zong is near to reach Ufone with 23.72 million numbers of endorsers.
In 2011, the text messaging evolved 35 percent as per record presented by PTA. 237.6 billion messages were sent by mobile users while in 2010, there was an increment of 35 percent that approached 175.4 billion text messaging. The earning of Pakistan Communication Industry remained PKR 12.4 billion in 2011 on the basis of sms use. The estimate includes P2P (Person to Person SMS), MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), A2P (Applications to Persons) and P2A (Persons to Application). PTA states in the statistics for Dec, 2012 that sms, mms and other services related to sms had 113 million subscribers till the end of Dec, 2011 and exceeded to 121 million till Dec, 2012.

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